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Femina Miss India 2020 Pageant Goes Digital. 

Enroll for The Tiara One-On- One Pageant Digital Consultancy Capsule

AGE: 18 -25 (25 YEARS TILL DECEMBER 31ST 2020)

Since the beginning of Pandemic The Tiara has been skeptical of Online  Training and has desisted from doing the same. As the Pandemic rages on,  Pune and Maharashtra are especially badly hit. Conducting real-time classes  in these circumstances is a major health hazard and has also not been allowed  so far by the Government. The Miss India Organisation also has decided to  conduct Femina Miss India digitally, in order to adapt to the present  circumstances. So as to help Pageant Girls prep for this new Digital Pageant  format, we at The Tiara have thought of a One-On-One Digital Consultancy  Program as Online Group Classes don't really measure up. The Tiara believes  in constantly evolving and hence this effective program to help you prep for  Digital Pageants.

* One- On- One Digital Coaching with India’s First Pageant Coach  Ritika Ramtri
* Backed by 23 years of Pageant Coaching Experience
* Personalised
* Effective and Relevant
* Strategic

1. Pageant Image ( Look, Hair, Fitness, Makeup)
2. Verbal Communication ( Diction, Enunciation, Pronunciation &  Voice Modulation)
3. Non Verbal Communication( Body Language)
4. Pageant Wardrobe Analysis & Understanding
5. Pageant & Ramp Walk
6. Camera Facing & Portfolio Tips
7. Mock Interview
8. Rapid Fire Rounds
9. Beauty with a Purpose Theory & Practice
10.Pageant Strategy & Email Assistance

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