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Miss India 2024 Pageant Grooming:
The Tiara Pageant Coaching Experience

The Tiara Pageant Training Studio is your ultimate destination for grooming expertise tailored to ensure success on the grand stage of Miss India 2024. Our comprehensive program is designed to enhance your skills and confidence, ensuring you radiate grace, poise, and purpose during every moment.


Ramp Walk Mastery: Perfect Your Stride to Stand Out

Our expert coaches will guide you through the nuances of the perfect ramp walk. From posture to pace, every step exudes confidence, setting you apart in the upcoming Miss India 2024 pageant competition.


Makeup Techniques: Your Path to Flawless Beauty

Discover the secrets of flawless beauty with our professional makeup sessions. Learn the art of enhancing your features, choosing the right colors, and achieving a pageant-ready look that captivates judges and the audience alike.


Q&A Excellence: Master the Art of Articulation

Hone your interview skills and articulate your thoughts with finesse. Our Q&A sessions are tailored to bring out your unique voice, ensuring you can eloquently express your views and opinions, leaving a lasting impression during the Miss India 2024 competition.


Effective Communication: Craft Your Impactful Presence

Polish your speaking abilities to create a powerful and impactful presence on stage. Our training focuses on refining your communication skills, enabling you to captivate the audience and judges alike throughout the Miss India 2024 event.


Beauty with a Purpose: Elevate Your Pageant Journey

Embrace philanthropy and advocacy as we guide you in incorporating a meaningful purpose into your Miss India 2024 pageant journey. Stand out not just for your beauty but also for the positive impact you can make in the world, making a difference.


Pageant Grooming: A Comprehensive Experience

Our program encompasses all aspects of pageant grooming, ensuring you are polished and poised for success. From your walk and talk to your overall presentation, we cover every detail to help you shine during the Miss India 2024 competition.

Shreya Poonja.jpeg

Shreya Poonja (The Tiara Girl)
Femina Miss India 2023
1st Runner Up

Elements of the Program: A Comprehensive Grooming Experience

Pageant Overview & Strategy

Understand the intricacies of the Miss India 2024 competition and develop a winning strategy.

Pageant Walk in Different Outfits

Perfect your walk in various outfits to showcase your versatility during the Miss India 2024 event.

Makeup Sessions

Receive hands-on training from professionals to achieve the ideal pageant look.

Portfolio Looks

Showcase sponsored outfits in your portfolio for a stunning visual impact.

The Art of Introductions

Master the art of introductions with special emphasis on diction, pronunciation, and enunciation.

Rapid Fire Rounds

Enhance your spontaneity and quick thinking with rapid-fire rounds, crucial for any pageant.

Common Q&A

Prepare for common questions with our comprehensive Q&A sessions, ensuring you're ready for any challenge in Miss India 2024.

Understanding Beauty with a Purpose

Develop a deeper understanding of incorporating purpose into your beauty journey for Miss India 2024.

Final Evaluation

(The Tiara Queen)

Conclude your training with a final evaluation to crown you as The Tiara Queen, a title to carry with pride beyond the Miss India 2024 event.

Pageant Training Certificate

Receive a certificate acknowledging your completion of our comprehensive pageant training, a valuable credential for your Miss India 2024 journey.

Own the Pageant Stage

Learn to command the stage with beauty, grace and confidence.

Get exclusive training from India's 1st pageant training coach, Ritika Ramtri.

Start your journey to the Miss India crown. Book your training slot today.

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