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The Tiara’s Pageant Coach Ritika Ramtri wins a Best in Pageantry Award by Pageant Planet USA

Mid last year Pageant Coach and Founder of The Tiara Pageant Training Studio Ritika Ramtri was nominated for a BEST IN PAGEANTRY AWARD by the Pageant Planet, Boston, Massachusetts. Pageant Planet came onto the scene in 2009 when founder and CEO, Steven Roddy, recognized the need to create the ultimate resource for the pageant community.

It was indeed a great honour for Pageant Coach Ritika Ramtri to be even be considered for an award in Pageantry by the planet's largest pageant resource. The industry spoke up and nominated her as the "Best of the Best “of the year 2017. The plaque she received immortalizes her year in pageantry and adds to her collection of pageant memorabilia. It also heralds 21 years of devoted standards of excellence towards Pageantry.

​Last year Pageant Coach Ritika Ramtri had the honour of conducting International Pageant Coaching for Manushi Chhillar for Miss World 2017 (which she later went on to win), Shraddha Shashidhar for Miss Universe 2017, Anukriti Gusain for Miss Grand International 2017, Priyanka Kumari for Miss Intercontinental 2017 and Sana Dua for Miss United Continents 2017 on behalf of the Miss India Organization.

It was indeed a great privilege to be part of Manushi Chhillar’s journey among other experts and panellists to steer her to the coveted Blue Crown, with the help of the Miss India Organisation. Ritika helped Manushi research Miss World Former Winners. Besides Rapid-Fire Rounds with special attention to Platform Development and Current Events, she also helped her with formulating a Pageant Strategy which would help her win. It was indeed a joyous occasion when Manushi won the crown after 17 long years for our beloved Motherland.

The year 2018 has also started well with The Tiara winning several Indian and International Awards namely:

  1. Sonal Parihar Mrs Earth International 2018
  2. Shweta Chaudhary Mrs Eco International 2018/19
  3. Megha Dubey Mrs East Asia Earth 2018
  4. Shrraddha Kakkad Mrs United Nations 2018
  5. Shyna Sunsara Ms United Nations 2018
  6. Shweta Varpe Ms Goodwill Ambassador 2018
  7. Mrs Shivani Naik Shah wins Mrs India Queen of Substance 2018
  8. Gayatri Bhardwaj Miss United Continents 2018
  9. 5 Tiara Girls are selected in the ongoing Miss Diva Universe 2018 Pageant Namely: Elisha Mayor, Nehal Chudasama, Shefali Sood, Surina Jaidka and Aditi Hundia.