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Personality Development Program

We do not live in a vacuum. We are all social beings who make daily social transactions with others and so personal grooming; personality development and social etiquette are the order of the day. You make an impression. We ensure it's a positive one. The Tiara is a Resource Group, which is dedicated to empowering people with the pride and confidence necessary to project the appropriate image, etiquette and protocol required in all business and social situations. It brings with it over a decade of experience in training. It is committed to providing the valuable tools required by our clients to function in all social and business environments with confidence and pride. This is accomplished through the many workshops that are offered by us. Programs are offered in group sessions or one-on-one sessions. Specific programs can be tailor-made upon request to accommodate different situations and requirements.

 Our workshops are informative, interactive and entertaining, and will provide you with the tools required to conduct yourself graciously in any situation. Our clients include individuals, groups and companies. We have programs customized for corporate executives and their spouses, college and university students, models, housewives, young adults, teenagers and children. Our workshops aim to promote professional excellence by empowering the individuals in their professional representation of themselves and their respective organizations.

1. Welcome & Introduction to Personality Development
2. Self-Esteem and Confidence Building
3. Communication Skills
4. Interview Techniques
5. Group Discussions
6. Extempore Speaking
7. Public Speaking
8. Body Language
9. The Art of Polite Conversation
10. Social Graces and Proper E-mail and Telephone Etiquette
11. Dress Sense and Dress Codes
12. The Art of Fine Dining
Contact: The Tiara (9823156193)