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Pageant Coach Ritika Ramtri was born in New Delhi and graduated with a B.A. from Jesus and Mary College. A Masters in English Literature and Education she has also done her MBA and DAPR from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. She is proud to work with amazing young women who want to be coached, who want to feel empowered and who want to win, while knowing that it isn’t only about capturing the crown, but it is about the life experiences you gain, the difference you can make in your community, and the growth in your personal and professional lives, by being involved in pageantry.
Ritika Ramtri began working with pageant contestants in 1997 and launched The Tiara in 2007. She now trains pageant contestants and corporate and professional people. All phases of communication skills and leadership skills are covered in Ritika’s preparation. In the process, her clients are now prepared to be Miss India or Mrs. India as opposed to simply being prepared to win the title
Course Details
– Pageant & Ramp Walk
– Personality & Grooming
– Posture & Poise.
– Camera Facing Techniques & Portfolio Assistance
– Public Speaking &Voice Modulation
– Modelling Technique & Body Language
– Making a Positive First Impression
– Wardrobe Analysis & Customized Wardrobe Assistance
– Diet, Nutrition & Fitness Assistance
– Confidence Building
– Mental Preparation
– Question Handling (Preliminary Round, Prejudging, On Stage and One-on-One)
– Platform Development
Don’t be dismayed if you find that we are at Pune. You deserve the help of a Pageant professional; don’t let location stand in the way of your dream. Assistance with accommodation provided.
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