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I’m not sure what it is about our human nature that makes us want to do everything on our own. Some people say with great pride and wear it like a badge of honor; “I did it all by myself”. But how much do we really do ALL BY OURSELVES?

For some people, the only time they reach out for help is when they are in dire need or as a last resort. However, time and time again, we see that more is accomplished when 2 or more are gathered for the same purpose. If you’ve been trying to do pageants on your own and still aren’t getting the results you want, perhaps it’s time to seek out the help of a pageant coach. But when is the best time to hire a pageant coach?

In an ideal world, the very best time to hire a beauty pageant coach is before you enter your first pageant. Why? Because you’ll save time by not reinventing the wheel; you won’t waste money purchasing the wrong wardrobe and you’ll be less frustrated because you’ll know what to expect. As I’m walking out to my car from a pageant, I’ll typically hear comments like “I wished I’d known that before I got here”, “Next time I’ll say this”, or “Next time I’ll wear my hair and makeup like that”. The list goes on and on.

Many times when a contestant comes to me with their clothing already purchased (and the tags snapped off) there’s not a whole lot I can do for them in regards to helping with their wardrobe. And yet, a different gown is sometimes the difference between 1st runner up and the queen. Pageant gown, interview, mental attitude, talent, swimsuit, fitness, casual wear, modeling, introduction, onstage question, hair, makeup, shoes and accessories all must come together in the winning combination for you. You’re combination is different from the next contestant so you can’t just copy what you see someone else doing on stage because that might not be right for you.

It’s best when a contestant can explore different options with a professional experienced coach before they purchase or commit to anything. If you do buy things, keep all tags on the garment and your receipts. Get to your coach ASAP to get feedback so you can return things if necessary.