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    Training hard is essential to ensuring that you win your next beauty pageant. You will need to practice your public speaking skills, your specific talent, your walk, modeling stance, as well as work on your smile, hair and makeup. It is a good idea to study videotapes of previous winners of the beauty pageants that you are competing in. This is a great way to see what qualities the judges are looking for in a winner.   1. Don't ramble. 2. State your opinion. 3. SHUT UP!!          Most contestants simply dig themselves into a hole they can't get out of because they keep talking long after they have given their answer.   In practice sessions, find out what the "short answer" is to each question. Don't give one word answers, but don't make it a monologue by you either. In onstage interview, surprisingly enough, your best answers are often the first thing that comes into your head!!   Listen carefully, determine whether the question requires a light, humorous answer or a thoughtful, serious one, and then let loose with it!        Although they are called "beauty pageants", very often it is not the most beautiful face that wins.  Too much thought on stage can lead to awkward silences and put unnecessary pressure on you to come up with something brilliant. This is where you should let your true personality shine, so don't stifle it by over thinking. All interviews are simply a conversation, so if you practice articulate expression in everyday conversation, you are training yourself to do well in pageant contest interviews. You can practice both of these traits on a daily basis....awareness by questioning what you hear, and articulate expression by questioning what you say. Day to day practice leads to confidence!!!  At The Tiara Pageant Training Studio you will get day-to-day practice in public speaking and question handling. So enroll yourself at The Tiara Pageant Training Studio, Pune, India and make this year a better   pageant year.



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