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People participate in pageants for different reasons. Some just want to have fun. Others want to use pageants as a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities. Others need to have external events motivate them to take action to accomplish specific goals. The more honest you are with your expectations and reasons for competing in a pageant, the more rewarding the experience with is.

What is coaching? Coaching is help. It is insight, advice, tips, opinions, guidance, mentoring, answers, training, and a number of other descriptors people use to describe help. Some people don’t charge for their services, others do. Some are highly skilled and professionally trained while others are not. You need to do your homework to find the right coach for you and your needs.

There are the obvious questions contestants have about clothing, hair, makeup, modeling, interview, onstage introductions and photos; but there are additional coaching topics that go beyond these basic questions. Some of these important areas include:

  1. Identifying which pageants are the best fit for you;
  2. Logistics planning;
  3. Prioritized budgeting;
  4. How to schedule appearances;
  5. Time management;
  6. How to handle conflict and drama with people within the pageant world;
  7. Next steps after you have won the title you wanted.

The most time you will spend in the coaching relationship is in the beginning. Once you get a solid foundation, you may only need a session here and there. Professional pageant coaching does not have to break your budget. You will need different people at different times in your life. What will help you most is learning how to identify what you need, then finding the best person to fill that need. 
Pageantry, when kept in its proper perspective, can be a very rewarding and beneficial experience.

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